Definition: The Video Reflection option is a process to self-evaluate planning and preparation, instructional delivery, or classroom environment by analyzing and reflecting on a recorded component of a lesson. Learn more.

To allow teachers the opportunity to video their lessons to refine instructional practices over time in an identified area. Visit the Video Reflection blog to read the insights of your peers.

Professional Role/Responsibility
  • Identify an instructional focus area to be analyzed.
  • Initiate contact with an administrator for direction, resources, and/or support.
  • Develop an action plan to target the identified instructional focus area for improvement.
  • Record instruction 2-4 times during the school year.
  • Following the viewing of each recording, write an analysis and reflection of the observation and how instructional practice in the focus area has improved, based on the action plan.
  • Complete an end-of-year reflection summarizing the findings of your analysis, the overall process, and how it has changed your instruction. (Click here to learn more about using a blog for reflective notes.)

Administrative Role/Responsibility
  • Review and discuss the identified instructional focus area and the plan for professional growth.
  • Provide direction, resources and/or support as requested.

Examples/Focus Area/Goal Suggestions
  • Guided Reading Instruction
  • Implementation of new unit
  • Use of collaborative pairs, distributed summarizing, graphic organizers, assessment prompts, etc.
  • Love and Logic responses to student behavior
  • Effective classroom management
  • Reading Apprenticeship strategy implementation

1. Written reflection (Click here to learn more about using a blog for reflective notes.)
2. Video Analysis Form

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