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Definition: The Teacher Portfolio option is a process involving the collection of best practices in an identified area. The portfolio documents evidence of teacher competencies and guides long-term professional development. It is a reflective tool to demonstrate professional growth over time. Learn More .

To allow teachers the opportunity to reflect and gather data to support the professional goal, assess teaching strengths, and identify areas which may need improvement. Visit the Teacher Portfolio Reflections blog to read the insights of your peers.

Professional Role/Responsibility
  • Identify the portfolio focus area.
  • Decide the portfolio format. Options
  • Gather 10-20 artifacts that document/support progress toward the teacher's identified portfolio goal.
  • Write a reflection for each artifact that relates to the portfolio focus area. (Click here to learn more about using a blog for reflective notes.)
  • Present portfolio to desired audience, including the supervising administrator.

Administrative Role/Responsibility
  • Review and discuss the identified portfolio focus area.
  • Provide direction, resources and/or support as requested.
  • Attend the portfolio presentation.

Examples/Focus Area/Goal Suggestions
  • Planning & Preparation
    • Lesson Plans
    • Curriculum Development
    • Integrated Units
  • Classroom Environment
    • Classroom Climate
    • Discipline
    • Conflict Resolution
  • Instruction
    • Methods of Instruction
    • Methods of Assessment
    • Use of Technology
  • Professional Responsibilities
    • Professional Development
    • Public Relations
    • Involvement in School Activities
    • School Leadership

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