Definition: Performance Improvement Plan is a process of evaluation used to assist in decisions of continued employment for at-risk staff.

Terms and Definitions

At Risk: Teachers experiencing difficulty during the current or previous school year and who have not improved through typical administrative observations. The staff member may or may not have had an unsatisfactory rating however, teachers who receive an overall performance rating of Needs Improvement or Failing are required by Act 82 to participate in a Performance Improvement Plan. A teacher is also considered "at-risk" if repeated reference has been made to observe instructional deficiencies as documented by members of the administrative staff.

Performance Improvement Plan: A plan which delineates the area(s) of needed growth, a time line and benchmarks for improvement, and expected level of satisfactory performance.


  1. The building administrator places the staff member, through the identification of deficiencies, in the Performance Improvement Plan based on the Danielson model.
  2. A conference is conducted between the building administrator and the staff member for the purpose of developing a Performance Improvement Plan.
  3. The staff member conducts the activities set forth in the Performance Improvement Plan.
  4. An administrator will initiate a minimum of four formal observations during the year. The superintendent and/or the assistant superintendent will be included in the observation cycle of any teacher on a Performance Improvement Plan. Informal, unannounced observations and walk-throughs will take place, as necessary.

Role/Responsibility of Professional Staff
  1. Meet with the building principal to discuss the rationale for placement in the Performance Improvement Plan mode.
  2. Conference with the principal for the purpose of developing a Performance Improvement Plan mode.
  3. Conduct the activities that have been stated in the Performance Improvement Plan.
  4. Provide the administrator with evidence (lesson plans, student work, etc.) that performance is meeting the established standards.

Role/Responsibility of the Administration

  1. Identify the staff member(s) who will be placed in the Performance Improvement Plan mode.
  2. Identify the reason(s) for assigning the staff member to the Performance Improvement Plan mode.
  3. In cooperation with the staff member, prepare a Performance Improvement Plan.
  4. Inform the superintendent of the action taken and meet on a regular basis to provide progress reports on teachers in the Performance Improvement Plan mode.
  5. Throughout the year, review with the professional employee appropriate records, such as observation reports, PDE-5501, PDE 426 or PDE 82-1 forms, evaluation plan, and other appropriate documentation to inform him or her if satisfactory progress is being made.
  6. Attach appropriate paperwork associated with the Performance Improvement Plan to the PDE-5501, PDE 426 or PDE 82-1 at the end of each semester.
  7. Activate procedures for staff member dismissal for those with continued identified deficiency.
  8. At-risk teachers who have been successful through the Performance Improvement Plan will be formally observed by a building administrator during the following year. If their performance continues to be satisfactory, the professional staff member may select an alternate mode of supervision.