PSG_people.pngDefinition: The Peer Coaching option is a process where two or more teachers observe each others teaching, share in conversations, reflect upon and refine their practice. Their relationship is built on confidentiality and trust in a non threatening, secure environment in which they learn and gain professional insight in order to increase best practices in instruction. Learn more.

To allow teachers opportunities to consult with one another, to discuss and share teaching practices, to observe one another's classrooms and routines, and to promote collegiality and support. Visit the Peer Coaching Reflections blog to read the insights of your peers.

Professional Role/Responsibility
  • Review the peer coaching resource materials.
  • Meet with a colleague and generate an action plan.
  • Organize a calendar of events for the peer coaching activities:
  • Pre-conference to discuss the lesson purpose, the classroom dynamics, and focus area;
  • The observations (two per teacher)
  • Post-conference to review the lesson, model new strategies, and collaborate on improvement in focus area
  • Document and reflect on activities conducted. (Click here to learn more about using a blog for reflective notes.)

Administrative Role/Responsibility
Review and discuss the peer coaching plan and calendar of events.
Provide direction, resources and/or support as requested.
Arrange coverage/substitutes for peer coaching observation times, when requested.
Meet with teams at conclusion of year to discuss growth.

Examples/Focus Area/Goal Suggestions
  • Guided Reading
  • Implementation of new units/curriculum
  • Implementation of best instructional strategies
  • Use of collaborative pairs, distributed summarizing, graphic organizers, assessment prompts, etc.
  • Effective classroom management
  • Reading Apprenticeship strategy implementation

1. Calendar of events (Click here to learn more about using a shared Google calendar.)
2. Peer Coaching Summary Form (Click here to learn more about using a blog for reflective notes.)

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