PSG_people.pngDefinition: This option involves teachers being selected as mentors and participating in all necessary components of the mentoring process at the county, district, and building level. In addition to completing all of the county, district, and building level requirements for an induction mentor, mentors who select this option as their mode of supervision will keep a log of mentoring-related activities and complete a self-reflection of the mentoring process. Learn more.

Tenured teachers holding Instructional II certification in their field who are chosen as mentors for first year teachers.

The purpose of this option is to provide the opportunity for experienced teachers to mentor new professionals and grow as professionals themselves through reflection on the mentoring process. Visit the New Teacher Mentoring blog to read the insights of your peers.

Professional Role/Responsibility (Individual/Group):
  • After being chosen as a mentor, individuals will determine whether they would like the mentoring experience to count as their mode of supervision.
  • Individual will submit "Beginning of the Year" form to appropriate administrator.
  • Individual will complete all required tasks that are a part of the mentoring processes including all county, district, and building level requirements.
  • Mentor teachers will keep a log of all mentoring-related activities, as well as a written self reflection to be submitted at the end of the school year. (Click here to learn more about using a blog for reflective notes.)
  • At the conclusion of the academic year, individual will meet with their assigned administrator to share their experience and discuss their professional growth from the experience.

Administrative Role/Responsibility:
  • Approve mentor teachers.
  • Meet with mentor teacher as requested to provide support and resources helpful to the mentoring process.
  • Meet with individual at the conclusion of the academic year to discuss the mentoring experience, and review log and reflection.

Examples/Focus Area/Goal Suggestions:
  • Planning and Preparation (add other areas from 427)
  • Classroom management
  • Instructional planning
  • Communicating with parents
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation of student work

1. Beginning of the Year/End of the Year forms.
2. Log of mentoring-related activities and Self-reflection.

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