Portfolio Options

In addition to traditional types of portfolios, a blog, wiki or other type of website can be used to create a digital portfolio. An online portfolio is a useful for collaborative work and for sharing your efforts and reflections with others.

In-District Tools

South Western School District has Wikispaces, Google Sites and Wordpress blogs that are great tools for building an online portfolio. Contact Michelle Krill for discussion and support!

Other Tools

Various Web 2.0 Tools would be appropriate for creating a digital portfolio.


Areas of Focus

  • Planning & Preparation

    • Lesson Plans
    • Curriculum Development
    • Integrated Units
  • Classroom Environment

    • Classroom Climate
    • Discipline
    • Conflict Resolution
  • Instruction

    • Methods of Instruction
    • Methods of Assessment
    • Use of Technology
  • Professional Responsibilities

    • Professional Development
    • Public Relations
    • Involvement in School Activities
    • School Leadership