Ideal Peer Partner?

What makes an ideal peer partner? Brainstorm some ideas and then click here to see some possible responses.

Observations versus Judgments

Pre-Conference Guidelines

  • Share the lesson objectives
  • Explain why you will be doing what you will be doing.
  • Tell your partner what you want him/her to look for.
  • Discuss what you want your partner to do during the observation. (i.e. sit in the back, interact with the students.)
    • Lesson Essential Questions
    • Planned Lesson Procedures
    • Summarizing Plans
    • Specific concerns about students
    • Management techniques that will be used during the lesson/period
    • Where this lesson fits into the overall unit plan
    • The date/time/length of the observation
    • Look fors

Post Observation Conference Guidelines

  • Be prepared with notes
  • Have a plan of what you will talk about
  • Do not bring a laundry list of what you felt was wrong
  • Stay focused on the topics from the pre-conference.

Peer Collaboration Summary


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